2008 exhibitions




Spring 2008

New Works
The Carbyart Gallery is currently showing pieces by international artists Thomas Ritter, Raffaele Rossi, Otto Oelen and Susann Karsthof.



3rd - 25th May 2008

Hazel McAllister
In May the Carbyart Gallery will be celebrate its 5th anniversary and hosting is an exhibition by artist Hazel McAllister. Hazel enjoys painting beautiful landscapes, the sea and sky in all media but every now and then, she will break away into a more abstract style. The choices of colour and style for the abstract work is random and intuitive, challenging the viewer to respond. This exhibition will have a selection of themes including large flower pieces and some abstract works.



31st May - 29th July 2008

King Street Studios (Glasgow)

From the 31st of May until the 29th of July 2008 the Carbyart Gallery will be showing works from a selection of artists from the King Street Studios in Glasgow. Featuring will be works from artists Gregory Rankine, Simon Laurie, Donald Macleod, Valentine Petrov, nancy Littlejohn, John Ramsey and Johanna Logan.

A summer show not to be missed!






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