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iain carby

Former North Sea oil man Iain Carby gave up life on the rigs to follow a life long dream of becoming an artist. Just four years after completion of an Art Degree he has already made his mark as a leading contemporary painter.

Inspired by Catalonian Surrealist Miro, Iain’s distinctive style reflects his lust for life and passion for warmer climates. Although Surrealist in its foundation, his work remains rooted in the landscape where brilliant azure skies and bright patchwork fields are suffused with brushstrokes of pure liquid sunshine.

Today Iain Carby gears up to go global with his oil paintings by exhibiting through galleries across the UK and since May 2003 in his own expansive art space and studio. Art lovers have found their way to this unique gallery which is made up of a number of rooms all with their own identity and are invited to watch the artist at work!

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