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michael peckitt

The selection of jewellery available is made from two main materials, acrylic and anodised aluminium. The findings are handmade from silver or stainless surgical steel. Materials used are high quality acrylic paint, gold and silver leaf and the tarnished gold look is Dutch metal. Laser technology has helped to make some of the shapes that could not be achieved by hand.
My training is in fine art painting and I have worked with colour in jewellery in order to bring my liking for colour and form into a size that may be worn. The work is intended to be worn as dynamic fine art. The clear acrylic has been painted in acrylic layers over time with the addition of gold and silver leaf. The aluminium is anodised to accept dyes. It is then painted in special vegetable dye and sealed so that the colour is fixed. I have worked with both materials together to create a unique combination of colours which are similar but come from two completely different palates.
With some acrylic pieces, I have worked the top surface to give depth to the work so that it is possible to look through it to the lower painted surface and appreciate depth in quite a narrow piece of material. From the sides of acrylic refracted light is seen.

I hope that you enjoy my very colourful jewellery.

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